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“Know Belarus” program - 5 days

“Know Belarus” program - 5 days - Изображение 0
“Know Belarus” program - 5 days - Изображение 0
“Know Belarus” program - 5 days - Изображение 0
“Know Belarus” program - 5 days - Изображение 0

“Know Belarus” program - 5 days

  • Страна
“Know Belarus” program - 5 days - программа тура
  • 1 day
    Meeting the group at the airport or railway. Transfer to Minsk. Sightseeing tour along the way.
    Check into a hotel.
    Meals on request
    Free time.
  • 2 day
    8-00-9-00 breakfast at the hotel
    9-00 trip to “Dudutki” museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies. (Mon-Tue closed)
    A fascinating journey into the world of ancient life and professions, tasting of original dishes, a zoo awaits you
    “Dudutki” were first mentioned in chronicles in the 11th century. Presumably in these places there was a land
    road leading to Polotsk, along which, according to the researchers and according to "The Lay of Igor's Host", the
    Polotsk prince Vseslav Charodey rode "like a wolf to Nemiga from Dudutok, having learned about the siege of
    ancient Minsk ..."
    13: 30-14: 30 lunch at a restaurant with national cuisine in "Dudutki"
    14: 30-15: 30 Return to Minsk
    17: 00-18: 00 a visit to the National Library is a visiting card of Belarus. Today it is not only the richest collection of
    books, but also a huge multifunctional center where high technologies, ultramodern design and unusual
    architecture have been combined. Thematic excursion "Minsk in the palm of your hand".
    The 45-minute excursion includes a short acquaintance with the library, as well as an ascent to the observation
    deck, where visitors have the opportunity to admire the view of Minsk from a height of more than 73 m. The right
    to take digital, photo and video filming is granted.
    19:00 Dinner at the restaurant of Belarusian cuisine "Rakovsky Brovar"
  • 3 day
    8-00 breakfast at the hotel
    09:00 trip to the "Stalin Line"
    Stalin's Line is a historical and cultural complex. On its territory, authentic pillboxes have been preserved - living
    witnesses of battles, which create a special atmosphere. During the excursion, you will learn what the Stalin Line
    was like, when and by whom it was built, for what purpose it was built, and what were its functions. Visiting this
    open-air museum, you will come in contact with the heroic past, which will not leave anyone indifferent and
    indifferent to the immortal feat.
    Special attention is paid to the exposition of military equipment of different years: tanks, cannons, cars, airplanes,
    helicopters. Here, for example, you can see the legendary T-34 tank and the famous ZIS-2 cannon - the weapons
    that influenced the outcome of the Second World War. Visitors to the historical and cultural complex can shoot
    from real military weapons, ride a military tank.
    You will have the opportunity to visit a real artillery half-caponier, a machine-gun pillbox, and battle casemates. On
    the territory of the complex there are German and Polish armored caps, a Soviet anti-tank point, anti-tank
    12-30 return to Minsk
    13: 30-14: 30 lunch in national or Chinese restaurants or pizzerias (optional)
    15-30 –17-30 visit to the Museum “Mini Country”
    this is an excellent attempt to embrace the immense Belarus, to see the sights of the country, which in real life are
    separated by hundreds of kilometers. 70 most important and
    the most interesting sights of the country with mini-expositions.
    The Mini Country Museum keeps pace with the modern world in the era of technology. Thanks to this, the
    museum presents interactive multimedia zones. Each individual mini-model has its own interactive "chip". One
    exposition is one mini-world into which you plunge headlong.
    Awaiting you at the Mini Country Museum:
    • An exposition of 21 key sights of Belarus, to which you can go directly from the museum;
    • Souvenir shop with a large selection of souvenirs and gifts from Belarus from more than 110 Belarusian masters;
    • Mobile application "Country mini" is an audio guide-guide in Russian and English, which can be downloaded and
    installed completely free of charge;
    • Virtual reality zone, where you can see in 360 footage more than 20 sights of Belarus, both outside and inside;
    • Two photo zones “Belarusian House” and “Zubr-rocking chair”;
    • Free high-speed Wi-Fi;
    • Recreation area with coffee, water and snacks;
    • “Mini Country” is an ideal place to get to know Belarus!
  • 4 day
    7-30-9-00 check-out from the hotel and breakfast
    11-00 start of the walking tour
    "Blue Lakes" is a unique hilly-lake natural complex of the Belarusian Poozerie. Ecological trail of the National
    The route of the ecological trail includes equipped observation platforms, resting places, wooden sculptural
    compositions and, most importantly: incredibly beautiful lakes of the Ice Age, surrounded by an evergreen
    forest and plants listed in the Red Book.
    14-00 departure to the Ethno-cultural complex "Nanosy Rest" is located in the heart of the National Park
    "Narochansky" on the shore of Lake Naroch.
    The village of the XIX century is located on the only natural peninsula, which goes 2 km deep into the
    lake, surrounded by the richest pine forest.
    At 15-00-16-00 lunch on arrival at the cafe of the complex
    16-00 18-00 excursion program for acquaintance with the life of the village of the 19th century: Trophy
    Museum, Museum of Retro Cars, Museum of Bread with a Watermill, Observation Tower in the form of a Dutch-
    type mill, Lyakhovichi Mill of the 19th century, tea drinking.
    18-00-19-30 Check in and free time
    19-30 dinner at the restaurant of the complex
    Free time
  • Day 5
    8-30 9-30 breakfast
    10-00-11-00 Master class in baking Belarusian bread
    11-00 12-00 check-out
    12-00 departure to Minsk
    14-00 arrival in Minsk (with an evening departure, shopping for 1-2 hours) and transfer to the airport
В стоимость тура входит
• Transport service by Euroclass bus
• Meals according to the program: 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 1 dinner
• Excursion program with entrance tickets:
1 Bus sightseeing tour of Minsk
2 "Dudutki" museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies
3 "NATIONAL LIBRARY" of Belarus with a rise to the observation deck
4 Historical and cultural complex "Stalin's Line"
5 Museum "Mini Country"
7 Ethnocultural complex "Nanos Rest" with excursion and master class
• Services of an accompanying guide

Price per group:
Group (number of people) Cost
per person $
Total cost $
8 people 355 /2840
14 people 330/ 4620
20 people 319 /6380
25 people 308 /7700
В стоимость тура не входит
The price does not include and is paid for an additional 3 days:

Accommodation in a hotel of your choice

Travel to Minsk and back
Hotel name Cost of living
with breakfast
single / double occupancy (cu)
including VAT
September - October
Jubilee 42/50
Belarus 60/65
Olympus 75/97
Beijing 138/158

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